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Kalculrin is the northern-most island belonging to the Imperial Protectorate, and is separated from the Imperial Isles, where the other islands are. It takes approximately a week to travel by boat to the Imperial Isles, so orders from the Imperial Council are usually transferred via magic.

The overall topography of Kalculrin consists of deciduous forests and rolling hills. A southwestern mountain range, home of the dwarves, southeastern swamp, and a large forest, home to the elves, sits in the center of the island. Rather unusual for it’s northern location, a desert is located in the northwest island. This desert is cut off from the coast by a small mountain range to its north. The island’s capital is Targis. The governmental system of Kalculrin is a Monarchy, as are all islands belonging to the Imperial Protectorate (I.P.). The island is ruled by King Archibold Faustino III.

Capital: Targis

Cities: Anbrenesil, Arkam’sul, Dholin,Griffonford, Letholosiin, Lodos, Narsil, Sprocket, Xanthelmyth

Villages: Lehygh


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