Imperial Protectorate

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The Imperial Protectorate is an alliance of many races situated on various islands off the coast of the mainland.

Races of the Imperial Protectorate:
  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Elves
  • Gnomes
  • Half-orcs
  • Tieflings
  • Dragonborne
  • The Protectorate spans many islands, and is constantly looking to expand
  • Trade amongst the various races and islands is not restricted in any way, which makes the average standard of living very high
  • Each race tends to stay in their own territory, however humans are equally spread out
  • The majority of Imperial citizens are humans, followed by elves, dwarves, gnomes, and the other races
  • The Imperial Legion is the army of the Protectorate, with a barracks in each city that houses a number of soldiers that is proportional to the city’s population

Government: The Imperial Protectorate is governed by a Council and the Emperor. These council representatives are appointed by the Imperial Emperor Julius Constantius, who rules according to his own edict and the amendments put forth by the Council. Despite being appointed by the Emperor, each member of council is only answerable to the Island Board of Trustees (where each race on an island has an equal representation, elected by that race’s leadership). The King of the island (or an appointed aid) must go before the Board of Trustees to petition for increased taxes, to pitch new laws, etc. Despite being a dictatorship, the Imperial Protectorate uses a Capitalist economy.


  • Islands:
    • Imperial Isle
    • Kalculrin
    • Polinarus
    • Magnus
    • Centuri
    • Koltar
    • Alerat
    • Solitairus
    • Rach’lor Isle CONTESTED
  • Mainland Cites:
    • Katours
    • Invarc
    • Lebe
    • Telepe
    • Crowhaven
    • Pellsgate

Imperial Protectorate

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