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General Info:

Griffonford is a city of medium size on the island of Kalculrin, and therefore is part of the Imperial Protectorate. The well-fortified city is situated on an island that splits the Emeraldfire River, located near Kalculrin’s southwest shore. The city is separated from the rest of the main island by the Gemgrave Mountain range which forms a semicircle to the city’s North and Northeast. It is the largest city in the area, aside from the dwarven city of Arkam’sul.


Total population:12953


Elves: 648

Half-elves: 256

Dwarves: 262

Other: 130

Total guards: 186

Note: The population does not include the standard garrison of Imperial Protectorate military units.

Notable Locations

Griffonford Arcane Tower: Headed by Karrissa Searingspell, the tower serves as a university for those studying the arcane arts. In the past, each of the major cities had a tower that was connected by a Teleportation Pad. Unfortunately, the power sources have long since died out, so travel between the towers is often done through more mundane methods. Although it appears as a normal-sized tower to those looking at it, the interior space is disproportionally large, and can be manipulated to fit the occupant’s needs.

Fast Eddy’s Magical & Mystical Emporium: Fast Eddy’s store of various discount magical items and trinkets. Disclaimer: All sales are final.

Red Dragon Inn: Run by Oscar & Millie Cunningshire. Features the best rental rooms available to travelers and adventurers alike. This three-story building includes a wine cellar, tavern on the first floor, over-night rooms on the second floor, and extended-stay suites on the third, plus some attic space.

Renegade Tavern: Run by Francis “Mad Dog” Dawson, the Renegade Tavern is located on the city’s inner south wall, and tends to attract rough clientele. This tavern is one of the best places to gather information on a variety of subjects, from lost locations to people skirting the law. Just be prepared to pay.

Castle Griffonford: Here resides Duke Christopher Rosales, who governs Griffonford. The castle sits on the plateau that is located in the northern part of the city, enabling the castle to overlook the city. The local guard and militia are housed here. Attached to the castle is the Temple of Upliftance.

Temple of Upliftance: The city temple, where people may come and go as they please. This temple welcomes parishioners that follow both good and neutral deities. The clergy here can offer healing of various amounts and resurrection, although a donation is expected from those who can afford to give. The temple has an underground vault that stores various holy relics. Abbot Jebediah Cannon is the head of the temple.

The Rocks-Bury: A new dance-club/bar/casino that was just opened up by dwarven brothers Glummore and Swiftpick. Despite being located right next to the Imperial Legion Barracks, the establishment draws quite a crowd each night, and a loud one at that. The city guard insist this is a front for the Thieve’s Guild or the Assassin’s Guild, but these allegations have yet to provide any concrete evidence of such dealings.


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