Fighter's Guild

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Warriors of all kinds from all over the Imperial Protectorate join the Fighter’s Guild.

General Information:
  • You can’t join if you have a bounty on you.
  • Currently you can be arrested while in the Fighters Guild without getting kicked out. Obviously, if you break one of the Fighters Guild rules, this doesn’t count.
  • If you commit a crime against another member of the guild, you will be Expelled from the Fighters Guild, and will have to make amends to get back in to the guild. If you get Expelled three times, you can never rejoin the Fighters Guild.

Joining Go to any city with a Guild House and sign the necessary documents, as well as complete an initiation task (usually unpaid). Nonmagic users of TN, NG, CG, or LG alignments may join.

Member Benefits:
  • Guild Merchants will only sell to members and often have merchandise that cannot be found easily in other stores
  • Tasks frequently come in, providing a stable income
  • Recruiting aid for quests
  • Guild has a private vault on location or with the local bank
  • Mercenary work available during times of war
  • Free stabling of mounts (at Journeyman rank)
  • Broken gear is repaired at 25% of item worth (instead of 50%)
  • Dealings with city guards is much smoother (+2 on all Charisma based rolls)
Ranks: (lowest first)
  • Associate
  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Swordsman
  • Protector
  • Defender
  • Warder
  • Guardian
  • Champion
  • Master

Fighter's Guild

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