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The Ctarl Empire is a territory situated on the mainland, East of the islands controlled by the Imperial Protectorate. The Ctarl people originally come from 2 tribes, the Vah’shir and the Ark’vor, this is why they refer to the Empire as the “Ctarl-Ctarl”, or “Empire of Two Tribes.” Each tribe has different characteristics which makes it possible to tell what tribe a Ctarl came from.

  • Larger in size and physically stronger than the Ark’vor
  • Known for their proficiency with throwing axes, but equally ferocious in melee combat
  • Spellcasters are rare amongst the Vah’shir, so they deeply respect those who can wield magic
  • Somewhat distrustful of other races, they never initiate conversation and give answers as shortly and bluntly as possible
  • Ever since the two tribes have combined, they see themselves as protectors of the Ark’vor
  • Smaller in size and slightly less in number than the Vah’shir, but more open-minded
  • The Ark’vor are the primarily political figures of the Ctarl
  • Unlike the Vah’shir, the Ark’vor tend to favor the mage, druid, or ranger class
  • While still mistrustful of other races, the Ark’vor are much more diplomatic when it comes to interaction with other races
  • Commonly confused with or branded as Werecats, the Ctarl people are often viewed as savages
  • Honor is highly valued, almost always more than material items
  • Ever since the tribes combined, a Ctarl would never kill another Ctarl out of malice or greed
  • Because of their closeness to nature, they put up with the company of elves much better than other races
  • The Ctarl travel about their territory by jumping from tree to tree or using rope-bridges
  • The only known city is very similar to human-built cities, featuring stone buildings and roads * The numerous towns are usually situated high within the trees with buildings being made of wood
  • Ctarl are excellent at camouflage, regardless of the type of environment
  • The few ships the Imperial Protectorate has encountered have been masterfully crafted

Government: The government is a democracy where officials elected by the Ctarl people hold the power. Elections are held every 6 years to determine which candidates take seats in the Council of Parliament, with a limit of 3 terms of service. Each member of Parliament has a committee of 4-5 members, chosen from a pool at random, who assist him/her with the various duties required of their position. The Parliament then elects one of its members to be the Prolocutor (proh-lok-yuh-ter), or a leader of Parliament who directs the proceedings and maintains order. Like the normal members, the Prolocutor has a committee of 4-5 people called Chancellors who help with his/her duties. The special duty of a Chancellor is to carry treaties, declarations of war, and other important documents to their receptive recipients. The position of Chancellor is lifelong or until retirement, and because of this being a Chancellor is considered very honorable.

Any member can be voted out of Parliament should they fail to serve honorably or be unable to adequately perform their duties. To do this, the committee serving under the offending member must vote amongst themselves whether to bring the matter before the entire Parliament. Should the vote succeed, a document is drawn up and brought to the floor, where the accused can defend and explain his/her actions. That member is then put on paid leave while Parliament votes on how to act. If the member is dismissed, two outcomes are possible. If the official was unable to do his/her duties, a ceremony will be held in honor of service. If the removal is in response to dishonorable action, the perpetrator will be publicly tried and convicted by everyday citizens. It should be noted that since the creation of Parliament some 600 years ago that no member has ever been removed under dishonorable circumstances.

Ctarl Empire

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