Transcending Darkness

Creature of the Night
Available Quest

You have all returned the the welcoming atmosphere of the Red Dragon Inn after the day’s exploits, from searching for property to bringing law breakers to justice. The party shared a table while eating a full meal, afterwords the tired adventurers head up stairs, trading the warm inn main floor for a comfortable mattress and warm blanket.

The Necromancer's Keep

Veribellum (Josh), the elven ranger, was asked by the Fighter’s Guild to accompany Marcos Teculux (a.k.a Spear Guy) on orders handed down from Duke Christopher Rosales. They were to go investigate strange happenings at the local ruins of Fort Legend, in the direction of the port-town Lehygh.

The Wererat King

After their rather cold greeting from Commander Dante McDouglas and after they had turned in their weapons (as per city law), the party arrived an the Red Dragon Inn. Each person reserved a separate room and met downstairs to have a meal and get to know one another. Right off the bat, it seemed that Balkul and Veribellum did not get along, for they constantly butted heads and insulted each other.

Diplomat Escort

After the fight aboard the transport ship to the town of Lehygh, Diplomat Lance Wood asked the group to escort him to the city of Griffonford so he could complete his business with Duke Christopher Rosales.


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