Karissa Searingspell


Mage’s Guild: Guildmaster, Griffonford Tower

Karissa Searingspell is the head of the Griffonford Arcane Tower. She is almost always cheerful and insightful, and goes about her day with a smile on her face. Karissa can teleport almost anywhere she wants in Griffonford, which makes completing her daily tasks as Tower Master much easier. While she enjoys her position as the Tower Master, she can sometimes act rather childish by pulling minor pranks on the students under her care. She came to greet the group when they first arrived in Griffonford, and had a slight encounter with Balkul to demonstrate that she was not to be trifled with.


Physical Description:

Karissa is an enthusiastic girl with slanted blue eyes that are like two lagoons behind her glasses. Her fine, straight, jet black hair is long and is worn in a short ponytail. She is tall and has an hourglass build. She has an small nose and a pointed chin. Her wardrobe is flashy and slightly revealing with a lot of green.

Karissa Searingspell

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