Fast Eddy

If you need something out of the ordinary or hard to find, chances are Fast Eddys got it.


Fast Eddy owns and runs Fast Eddy’s Magical and Mystical Emporium located in Griffonford, which sells new and “pre-owned” magical items, their source usually being dubious in nature. He got his name for two reasons. First, he talks so fast it seems there is no punctuation in his sentences, let alone spaces between each word. The second is that when a customer walks into his store, he is extremely skilled at convincing that customer to purchase one or more items they don’t need, in addition to an item they had intended to purchase. Once was a salesman at the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman Emporium in the gnome city of Sprocket before moving to Griffonford.

Fast Eddy can always be found somewhere in his chaotic store, where items are haphazardly laying about on every surface. There appears to be no organizational method whatsoever, however, Eddy knows exactly where every item is.


Physical Description:

Fast Eddy brings to mind a sly serpent. He has large blue eyes that are never still. Eddy’s movements are eccentric and fast, but appear somewhat spasmatic. His dark brown hair is cut short to form a flattop, and has two unusual white streaks near the temples. Fast Eddy also sports a mustache that accents his pearly white teeth, which are constantly clamped around a cigar. He is always flashing a big toothy smile. His wardrobe consists of a white long-sleeved shirt with expensive brown vest and a tie of some sort.

Fast Eddy

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