Oscar & Millie Cunningshire

From whence do you hail, friend?


Oscar and his wife Millie run the Red Dragon Inn situated in Griffonford. Early on in their marriage they spent all of their savings to purchase the old bank building after the new bank had been built. Borrowing some money from the new bank, they bought into the Red Dragon franchise, and opened what is today the Red Dragon Inn of Griffonford. To say that they have been successful would be an understatement, as their inn is one of the finest in southern Kalculrin, and is on-par with Red Dragon Inns located in much more affluent cities. Nobles and wealthy merchants can always be found at “The RDI”, and will often travel out of the way to stay at this famous inn rather than a common one.

Aside from it’s well-know housing qualities, The Red Dragon is also host to a full-service bar, underground security vault (original from the old bank building), and 4-star rated meals. This may sound overly posh, but the Cunningshires wanted to make their establishment open to all of the people of Griffonford, and offer low-priced meals, drinks, and rooms (referred to as Overnight Rooms).

The notorious assassin Kizmet once owed the pair a favor, which they called-in to retrieve a noble’s necklace which had been stolen by the Wererat King.


Physical Descriptions:

Oscar puts you in mind of a playful otter. He has droopy gray eyes that are like two silver coins. His fine, straight, neck-length hair is the color of dark chocolate, and is worn in an utilitarian style. He’s got five o’clock shadow most of the time. He is tall and has a boyish build. He has thin eyebrows and a sharp chin. His wardrobe is professional with a lot of red.

Millie has hooded eyes the color of a clear sky. Her luxurious, wavy, very short hair is the color of yellowed ivory, and is worn in a dignified, simple style. She is short and has a slender build. Her wardrobe is plain and businesslike, with a lot of red.

Oscar & Millie Cunningshire

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