Captain Dante McDouglas

Damn polititians. If they can't bury you in red tape they bury you in paperwork.


Commander Dante McDouglas is a solemn gentleman with wide brown eyes and a mouth that is transfixed in a permanent scowl. His luxurious, straight, mud-brown hair is pushed back away from his deeply-tanned face and a well-kept beard highlights his chin. He is almost 7 feet tall and has a broad-shouldered build. He takes his job seriously, and views his position as an honor, so his only concern is doing his duties and doing them right. He doesn’t appreciate having his time wasted, and tends to dislike races that aren’t human. His men respect him for his no-nonsense attitude and the fact that he doesn’t ask them to do something he’s not willing to do himself. The Griffonford guard is, unfortunately, undermanned when compared to the city’s population. This has given rise to minor crime, which Dante is determined to stamp out. He does not like to share his company, save for Vito Rethgos, his childhood friend.

Primary Weapons:

McDouglas Family Blade—Bastard Sword+2

  • Damage: 2d4+2 one handed/1d10+2 two handed

Military-Issue Glaive (Heavy)

  • Damage: 2d6

Equipment: Scale with misc. plate, shield, heavy crossbow, guard captain’s keys, Ring of Communication (lets him instantly communicate with his subordinates), dagger


Captain Dante McDouglas

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