Marcos Teculux

a.k.a Spear Guy


Fighter’s Guild: Journeyman

Human spearman the group met while acquiring a quest from the Fighters Guild in Griffonford. He was sacrificed by the group to kill a handful of skeletons in the Necromancer’s Keep after he was wounded by one of the skeletons. Despite seeking aid from his fellow companions, the party’s 1/2 orc barbarian instead hoisted him above his head and threw him (like a spear, ironically) at the grouped skeletons. He died from loss of blood and was left beneath the destroyed skeletons with his weapon and equipment.

Primary weapon: Spear+2

  • Damage: 1d6+2

Equipment: chain mail, skullcap, standard adventuring pack, Ring of +2 Dex



Marcos Teculux

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