Duke Christopher Rosales

The Duke's main concern is the safety of his city and the people in it, and will do all in his power to protect them.


Physical Description:

Duke Chistopher Rosales has slitted brown eyes that are like two tiger-eye gems that sit well on his sun-tanned face. His luxurious, straight, alabaster hair is worn in a precise, practical style. He is tall and has a graceful build. He has average ears and a pointed chin that is accented by a well-kept goatee. His wardrobe is rather plain for his position, and is he tends to favor the color blue.


Duke Rosales is always calm and collected, even when everything is going to hell. He only raises his voice if he needs to be heard, and even then his voice always portrays a sense of control over the situation. Rosales is always honest, but will only give information he deems necessary unless specifically asked, in which case he will answer accordingly. He is a thinker and a strategist, and will often plan many moves in advance, which helps him outmaneuver his political opponents so he can better help his people. Because of this, many of his fellow dukes dislike him, and view him as a threat to their positions.


Guard of Griffonford—long sword

Description: The blade shines like polished silver with a slight blue tint and emits a perfectly-pitched note as it is drawn from its scabbard. The guard is cross-shaped. Its grip is wrapped with plain black leather. The pommel bears a large diamond surrounded by a series of topazes.

  • Damage: 1d8+4
  • Special attributes: 4 charges of Lightning Bolt as if cast by mage of same level as wielder. Minor action to use. Regains 1 charge every 15 minutes while in scabbard.

The group hasn’t directly dealt with the Duke yet, but he has taken notice of their skills after they completed the contract he had given the Fighters Guild and the escort they provided the diplomat on their journey from Lehigh.

Completed Quests Given by this NPC:

“A Diplomat’s Escort”, “Necromancer’s Keep”

Available Quests:

“Naval Presence”, “Trade Winds”

Duke Christopher Rosales

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