Transcending Darkness

The Wererat King

After their rather cold greeting from Commander Dante McDouglas and after they had turned in their weapons (as per city law), the party arrived an the Red Dragon Inn. Each person reserved a separate room and met downstairs to have a meal and get to know one another. Right off the bat, it seemed that Balkul and Veribellum did not get along, for they constantly butted heads and insulted each other.

As the afternoon wore on into evening, the party was approached by Oscar, the owner of the inn. He said that he needed some help, as someone had stolen a valuable necklace that belonged to a traveling noble. If that noble found out, Oscar would be ruined. He offered the adventurers 150 gold each if they could find it, which they gladly accepted.

Oscar led the group down to the cellar, where the vault was. The vault, as it turns out, was an original from when the tavern had been the town bank, which was long before the new bank had been built. With a solid steel door and heavy stone walls, the only opening visible flaw in the architecture was a mouse-hole. Examining the door, the rogue determined that no one had attempted to pick the 3 locks that held the door in place. Hearing his wife calling for him, Oscar left the vault key with the party and headed back up to the tavern.



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