Transcending Darkness

In The Navy

Available Quest

People around Griffonford are whispering of two ships that will be pulling into Lehigh in the coming week. Rumor has it that the Emperor has become irritated with all of the pirating, and secretly had two ships built to wipe them out once and for all. One is the largest ship to have been built to date, the other the most formidably armed of the Empire’s fleet.

Farmers have reported seeing them move along the coast at night, but have only been able to see a fleeting silhouette. A traveling merchant saw the two ships run into a small fleet of pirate galleys. The battle that followed was horrific; fire and lightning was said to shoot from the small ship, which maneuvered gracefully throughout the pirate ranks as the mammoth ship launched salvo after salvo of explosive jars upon its enemies and rammed clear through one of the galleys. The ships simply continued on their way after the fight, leaving the pirate fleet as no more than shattered timbers and floating debris. Much of Griffonford is planning to make a trip to Lehigh to see these marvels come in, a few are even planning to sign up as crew members. The only concrete information are the ship names: the Dreadnaught and the Intrepid.



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