Transcending Darkness

Diplomat Escort

After the fight aboard the transport ship to the town of Lehygh, Diplomat Lance Wood asked the group to escort him to the city of Griffonford so he could complete his business with Duke Christopher Rosales. Despite having the security provided Sergeant Farqdarr and Lieutenant Greeves, he insisted it would be wise to travel together, and offered each group member 100 gold to do so. Soon after an agreement was reached, the newly formed party set out. Along the way, they ran into a caravan of hafling merchants on their way to Griffonford as well. Reluctant to enter the woods up ahead in fear of the goblin tribe that lived there, they had decided to wait and travel with the routine patrol that went from Lehygh to Griffonford. Seeing the large party of well-armed adventurers, the merchants tagged along uninvited.

The goblins did indeed attack, and swarmed the group from either side of the road. The merchants ended up being rather useful, as they rounded up their wagons and fired their crossbows at the enemies as best they could. The battle was over quickly, as Farqdarr and Greeves gleefully tore into the goblin ranks, decimating the enemy and forcing a retreat.

Thankfully, the rest of the trip was uneventfull, and upon arrival at Griffonford, each member was paid their 100 gold. The halfling merchants decided to set up their camp outside of the city, and offered the adventurers a 10% discount on items bought from them.



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