Transcending Darkness

Creature of the Night

Available Quest

You have all returned the the welcoming atmosphere of the Red Dragon Inn after the day’s exploits, from searching for property to bringing law breakers to justice. The party shared a table while eating a full meal, afterwords the tired adventurers head up stairs, trading the warm inn main floor for a comfortable mattress and warm blanket.

Well into the night, you become aware of something in your room. Bolting upright, you scan over the dark room, the dagger you keep under your pillow immediately in your hand. Nothing is out of place, the windows and door are all still locked securely, and you see no intruders. But your gut says otherwise. There IS something there, some unseen… presence.

Then you notice it. An odd shaped shadow. Your eyes rapidly adjust as adrenaline pounds through your veins. Basic features come into focus; the shadow is average human male height with moderate muscle build and a slightly pointed chin. He, or whatever it is, it makes no hostile move toward you, it just stays where he is. The thing is leaning in the corner of your room, it’s arms crossed in front of it’s chest while it looks outside at slumbering Griffonford. “Relax,” it says turning toward you, “I’m here to deliver information, not death.” It stirs from its position and moves to the foot of your bed, deftly and soundlessly hopping to balance on the bed’s wooden foot board. “Not this time,” it says with a smile, tossing a sealed envelope at your feet. In a flash he jumps up, disappearing through the ceiling. Then you realize. The smile. It had unusually-long canine teeth.



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