Transcending Darkness

A Place To Call Home

Available Quest

After returning from business abroad, Kizmet, your friend in Waste Management, found his fortress commandeered by a troop of dark dwarves. As he has business in another town, he seeks your aid in this matter of inconvenience before his return to Griffonford.

Kizmet was able to secure a back door into the complex should you want to try to enter subtly, but can provide a map of the traps if you wish to enter from the front door. He asks that you complete a few tasks after which you can each choose one reward. Kizmet needs you to get 1) rid of the dwarves while 2) making sure they do not escape with anything from the vault and 3) secure a statuette and any papers from his study. Complete these objectives and you will receive:
  • 1500 gold
  • Vault space in Kizmet’s fortress, should you choose to take it You must choose between one of these rewards:
  • A magic item from the vault
  • Bonus gold
  • Help on a quest of your choice (only 1 person in the party may choose this)
  • 1/2 price Assassination

After a short 1/2 day trek to the mountain side fortress, the party entered and began to torture the dwarven occupiers with mental anguish and psychological warfare.



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