Transcending Darkness

A Duke's Summons

Active Quest

Commander Dante McDouglas met with everyone as they ate breakfast and delivered a message straight from the Duke calling the adventurers to his castle to aid him by protecting a diplomat from assassination.

Commander Dante McDouglas meets the adventurers at the Red Dragon Inn as you eat your breakfast. “Morning. I have orders to deliver this,” he says as he places a sealed envelope on the table, “Direct from Duke Christopher Rosales himself.”

The missive reads:

Greetings. I have need of the skills that each of you possess, and ask that you stop by my castle before tomorrow’s sunset for further details. An important foreign diplomat recently received a threat against her life in the form of a letter which clearly told the date and time of the assassination. Unfortunately, the next boat to leave Lehygh will not be in time. To make matters worse, the city guard and Imperial Legion are stretched thin, so the assistance they provide will be limited at best. You will be compensated should you accept my request.”

Seeing that you have read the message, the Commander addresses you again. “Any further assistance you can recruit would be highly recommended and appreciated, as we suspect the assassin or assassins are highly skilled. Now if you’ll excuse me.” With this he turns on his heal and strides out of the inn, leaving the adventurers to decide on a course of action.

What Happened…

The adventurers decided to answer the call and headed up to the castle after a brief shopping trip to Fast Eddy’s Magical & Mystical Emporium. After making the acquaintance of Chancellor Ferigna Pridestorm and her bodyguard Juo’kar Starkiller, the group descended into the castle vault shortly before the assassins arrived.

While inside the vault, Kizmet the Ender entered the vault through a portal and stated he was there to greet his old friend Juo’kar. Shortly after, more portals appeared on the walls and crossbow bolts began flying through. Fortunately, Ecks moved everyone into the neighboring vault owned by the temple.

After a few hijinks involving orbs of Darkness, flaming spheres, and absolute slaughter, the group finds out that the assassins where actually guards that had been posted on duty. Whether or not these were the actual assassins is yet to be found out.



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