News & Updates

  • Cole told me she would like to start a new character, so Skariim Dragonheart will be scrapped unless I hear that the party wants to keep her around.
  • I have 3 dungeon maps planned out, 2 of which are non-plot related. The names of the plot-free dungeons are “Tomb of the Forgotten King” (Large, Ruin) and “The Grievous Grotto” (Medium, Cave). The last one is for The Wayward Wizard quest given by Karissa Searingspell.
  • On a more serious note (Why So Seriousss?) the non-active PCs will be retired/eliminated, those being Veribellum, Balkul Kittenstouch, Taeyla, and Volkar Dragonfury, the Dragonborne Barbarian that accompanied Skariim Dragonheart. Creative suggestions on ways to eliminate these characters will be rewarded…
  • Filled out the NPC roster and added tags to each so that a search can be narrowed down easily. Also included the Player Characters, which you can find under the tag “Player Character”. If you have a character picture you would like me to use, send me a copy and I’ll post it for you.
  • Completed the wiki pages on the various Guilds. Info for each is now available, so check it out.
  • Currently working on a map showing the various faction territories. I’ll post it soon.


The party of Adventurers are currently located in the city of Griffonford, where they have been completing quests and meeting various characters to help them on their path.

If you have any questions, just post it under the Comments Tab and I will answer it as soon as I can.

Available Quests

Most of these can be tackled in any order, it all depends on what sounds the most interesting to you. It should be obvious which quests are a chain.

Creature of the Night -> A Place To Call Home

A Duke’s Summons

In the Navy

Machines of Malice

The Wayward Wizard

Transcending Darkness

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